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Our office engages itself in bringing in great amounts of the best quality drinking- and mineral water. Romanian, Hungarian and Ukrainian exceptional quality, rich in mineral, tasty, relishable mineral water for sale, to be found in our offer. Clients can place orders of huge amounts, even several million liters, whereas we can be of support even regarding its transportation, if you plan to buy mineral water from EU. Our clients may also decide as regards the bottling: plastic, glass or even giant water transporting containers to transport the ordered quantities. Naturally, during bottling we also perform labeling. Our Mineral Water Wholesale Agency can send samples of chosen water types to our clients or our clients can taste our distributed waters by their visit paid to our office.

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Most of our waters can be delivered to our clients also in great amounts, still, before placing an order, please enquire whether your chosen products can be delivered to the desired moment. Check our offers and prices!

Arabian and African traders and vendors are also to be found amongst our clients. Transportation of the goods can be solved till the Black, - the Mediterranean or until the Adriatic Sea, whereas the merchandise can be delivered afterwards to the target country.

Europe is the homeland of table water fountains. There is no other place on earth this rich and no others use this mother-nature given treasure this intensely! Romania, Hungary and Ukraine make up one of Europe’s richest mineral water quarries, detaining large underground water supplies, remarkably redundant in mineral- and medicinal waters.

The special endowment of the Carpathian Basin is represented by the fact that the sedimentary rock mass of the Earth’s crust and the water supply closed within are percolated by heat to a greater extent, as compared to other earthy territories. As a result of this, there are several thermal springs to be found and these waters contain relatively several minerals.

Several thousands of deep fountains are already known in Hungary, Romania and the Ukraine (In these countries there are much Mineral Water wholesale companies), which as to their chemical composition provide mineral water. The fountains’ depths are fairly variable and lie between some hundreds of meters up to 2,550 meters. Mineral water originates from the underground uncontaminated water horizons and its production is controlled by severe instructions and specifications. Certain fountains and springs are already recognized by the authorities, whereas the products’ quality is permanently verified. Bottled products’ labels offer information as regards the mineral water’s composition and nature. People eliminate on the daily average 2.4 liters of water via sweltering, breathing, excretion and digestion which needs to be supplemented. Nearly half of the daily liquid necessity is being taken in via nutrition, the other half via fluids. The ideal solution for this aspect is represented by natural mineral water consumption.

Natural mineral waters for sale prove elemental nurturing and physiological function in our body’s water balance sustenance. They influence the ionic balance, the osmotic ratio, the electrolytic- and acid-base equilibrium processes. Based on its composition, specific dissolving attainments and its stability, mineral water may also be considered a functional nutriment. This means that equal to our body’s incapacity to produce vitamins, our body itself cannot generate mineral substances either. It proves to be extremely important to insert such substances via nurturing into our body.

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European Mineral water Wholesale

Natural buy mineral water in its dissolved form – the manner our body is capable to better utilize it - encompasses the for the human body so indispensable mineral substances. Thus, when drinking to cease our thirst, we assure our body’s mineral substance necessity. Calcium and magnesium, the imperious components of our teeth and bones, on the one hand hinder the development of osteoporosis and on the other hand they prove to be significant during blood coagulation, cell membrane integrity maintenance, they actively participate in certain enzymes’ functioning, in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, being vital for the muscle functioning – including the cardiac muscle -, etc. Phosphorus is as well as significant a module of our bone structure and teeth, proves to be vital as regards metabolic processes and energy storing. Potassium assures especially muscle functioning and together with natrium it participates in the regulation of our body’s fluid household and in the maintenance of acid-base equilibrium and osmotic pressure. Chromium intensifies insulin’s effect, iron facilitates red blood cell formation, withholds anemia evolvement. Cobalt plays a significant role in the blood formation process, manganese is significant for its functions during protein-, carbohydrate- and lipid metabolism. Copper presents substantial oxidational-reductional processes, zinc proves to be operational during wound healing, etc.

Hydrogen carbonate develops an alkaline effect in our body, thus it influences the acid-alkaline equilibrium. It presents a positive effect upon diseases caused by gastric acid hypertrophy, upon heartburn and it clears the urinary system, hinders kidney stone formation. Sulphate is the building element of proteins and certain enzymes and it influences hair-, nail- and skin strength. Fluorine hinders dental caries, iodine proves to be an important microelement in the formation of thyroid gland hormones. The physiological importance of metaboric acid is primarily represented by calcium-, magnesium- and vitamin D metabolism. Boron helps reduce calcium and magnesium in urine and it intensifies phosphorus secretion.

Taking into consideration that mineral water quality has to stand the proof of concept specification requirements, every ‘’natural mineral water’’ is of exceptional quality, pure water, unrestrictedly consumable by every healthy person. Regarding its effect upon our health, it is absolutely unimportant whether it is gassy or still mineral water. Everyone may chose based on their personal sense of taste. Carbonic acid is a weak acid, has an appetizing effect, speeds digestion, so it is at all not detrimental, but on the contrary, it is expressly favourable. Natural waters’ entire mineral substance content lies around the value of 500 – 2,500 mg/ l.

What Should We Supplement?

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Via perspiration several minerals excrete from our body, like natrium, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. It is imperative that we supplement them! Regarding quantity, we seem to lose the most of natrium chloride, also known as table salt. Its artificial substitution ist though not necessary, due to the fact that during nourishment intake we continuously refill our salt resources.

Compared to blood plasma concentration, the most important proves to be the magnesium quantity excreted via perspiration. Besides blood plasma our body’s other magnesium reserves also decrease. Magnesium deficiency could generate irritability, insomnia, concentration difficulties, muscle cramp, dizziness, headache.

Rapid regeneration after incident can be achieved by adequate potassium supply. Potassium eases energy suppliers’ (glucose) rebuilding into musculature and liver. Natural mineral water has guaranteed no calorie! Well maintained and regularly exercising people aim at preserving their health and silhouette. People appeasing their thirst have no reason to worry: natural mineral water is entirely calorie free!


From the exploitation well mineral water will be delivered into the bottling plant via a diving pump. There it will be stored in a temporary container. From the container and to the bottling machine line water is being transported by another pump, which can be controlled depending on the water necessity of the filling machine. During carbon dioxide enriched product bottling carbon dioxide kept in an exterior liquid container is going to be evaporated through a vaporizing system. Then, with the help of the blending machine, it will be added to the mineral water. In the case of lightly enriched carbon dioxide products the carbon dioxide content of the product lies between 2 – 4 g/l. Carbon dioxide enriched- or still mineral water (carbonic acid is water dissolved carbon dioxide) is being delivered into the filling machine and will be filled into the washed out bottles via valves.